Weekly nets help keep operators and their equipment ready and in practice. In the event of an actual emergency, these nets are restricted to emergency traffic only.

Date/Time Local Frequency PL Net Details
Sun 0815 3924 kHz   San Diego Northern District HF - updated 3/28/11 / active as of 5/2/13
Sun 0830 146.730(-) 107.2 Northern
Sun 0830 3933 kHz   Imperial Co. / active as of 5/2/13
Thurs 1930 449.060 MHz 88.5 ARES EC Net / changed as of 08/30/18
Sun 0900 3905 kHz   ARES Special Activies Net (Section SSB Voice)
Thurs 1930 147.180(+) 110.9 CERO (Coronado)
Sat 1900 224.90(-) 107.2  

Are we missing some? Updates are welcome!!

EmComms Net

Repeater check-ins begin at 7:00pm on the 147.030 (+103.5) ECRA Repeater on Palomar Mountain, and then we switch to Simplex so that you can make as many Simplex contacts as possible.

This EmComms net takes place on the 147.030 repeater at 7pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of EVERY month.

SIMPLEX Net Frequencies: 146.550 Coast / 146.445 Inland along I-15 / 147.480 East of Mount Woodson

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