Donate! Help San Diego / Imperial County ARES

In the last few years, ARES in the San Diego / Imperial region has grown in both ACTIVE membership and the ability to reach out to the facilities within our region. Each drill or event seems to draw more from our ham radio community and shows that we can be a valuable resource during emergency events and in support of community needs! Our annual support of the Miramar Air Show in October reflects the cooperative nature of our group and that ALL of the volunteer emergency response teams have a place in our community.

The San Diego / Imperial County ARES efforts are managed as a 501.c.3 non-profit corporation. We do not charge membership dues so we do not have a steady source of income for our projects. The ARRL does not fund our activities, Many of the things we do have a cost - including bringing our communications trailer to different venues and ensuring the equipment we use stay operational. We need YOUR help to keep our organization growing and ready to serve the community when needed. Donations are ALWAYS welcome! Donations of time, money, and equipment are so important to keep this all-volunteer organization possible.

ARES Trailer Generator Fund Raising - Efforts continue, we are approximately $700.00 away from having the funding to replace the failed generator and Steve AD6VI will bring a receipt book for those who would like to make a cash or check donation at the Monthly 2nd Saturday meetings.

ARES has a new mailing address for correspondence, information requests and donations. Checks should be made out to "SDGARES" and sent to:

P. O. Box 178069
San Diego, CA 92177

Donations are tax deductable (contact your tax advisor for details). With YOUR support, we will be there when the message has got to get through!

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