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  • Parking at the General Meetings posted by Christopher Higgins on January 13, 2014
    ***** SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR GENERAL MEETINGS ***** See updated parking and meeting room information below - early arrival is recommended

    Folks, as we have been watching and discussing over the past several months, there is significant construction ongoing at the La Jolla Campus. We received information this week that the parking lot most ARES members and visitors use is now CLOSED. There is an adjacent lot that is at the street level but our understanding is that is specifically for patients and doctors.

    This means that we will now be using the underground parking under the hospital itself, as well as the multilevel parking garage by the Ximed building (this is the parking structure to the left as you as facing the main hospital itself) , also on the same campus. Parking remains free (normally 4.00 and higher) but you will want to do what needs to be done for vehicles that have antennas on them that may not be garage friendly.

    We have also had announcements that again, due to construction of the new cardiovascular center, that the Schatzel Center itself would be undergoing changes as well. Our regular meeting room is now closed, and we will be meeting in one of the other available rooms on an ongoing basis. Entrances to the Schatzel Center have also changes, as the main entrance is currently closed. Entry, depending on the section of the facility being accessed, is going to be on the sides, rather than the front. We'll try to have a few folks posted to give directions.

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